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Recommendations and Other Breeders/Links



We would recommend that anyone thinking of buying a rabbit does not go out and buy one on impulse for a child or because they see one in a pet shop that looks cute.  Think about the time a pet takes bearing in mind they will need their toilet corner cleaned out daily and the hutch fully cleaned out and disinfected once a week, your rabbit will also need daily feeding, clean water daily and hay daily.  Also you will need to think about who will look after your pet when you go on holiday. 
A rabbits lifespan can be anywhere between 5 - 10 years depending on the breed that you choose, so its not just for a couple of months or years and they need cleaning and care in the winter months too.
However if you still think a rabbit is for you then I would recommend going along to a local rabbit show or getting a rabbit book on the breeds to see what size of rabbit would suit you.  If you do not have time for this then seek advice from an experienced breeder who will be able to give you advice and if they do not have the breed that you want would be able to put you in contact with someone who does. 
Rabbits vary in size enormously for the Giant French Lops who weigh in at the 10lb - 18lb mark to the tiny Netherland Dwarf at around 2lb - 3lb - and they all start off small so it's not really worth buying a rabbit if you are not sure of the parentage, its best to wait and get the breed of rabbit you really want from a breeder.
You also need to immunise your rabbit against  myxamatosis and VHD annually, so there will be vet bills to consider too.


Hot Croft Bunnies,Breeder and Exhibitor of Mini Lops We are working together to improve our lines

vari's site Breeder and Exhibitor of Mini and German Lops, Bishopbriggs Glasgow

Lidanhew Stud breeders of German and Mini Lops Christine and Eric based near Airdrie

Jo's Rabbits, part of Lidanhew stud Breeder of Mini Lops and Long Haired Guinea pigs, near Livingstone

Poppyfield Stud, Jacki breeds Netherland Dwarfs and mini lops she is based in Glasgow, a very informative site

Campsie Mini Lops a friend based in Dunfermline breeding mini lops

Bellevue Stud breeders of Himalayan,Peruvian and Tan Guinea Pigs in Gourock

For the Funky unusual Rabbit Hutch - Omlet

For good selection of Hutches and Runs to order online at reasonable prices try - BUNNY BUSINESS

West Wales Willows natural bunny toys

The Bunny Bazaar - for toys etc for your bunny