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Netherland Dwarfs


Here is Mickey after Carlisle Show where he took best Netherland Dwarf (BOB), and Best Junior In Show for Siobhan


My daughter purchased some new Netherland Dwarfs at the beginning of 2009 from Anne Jones (Moonstone Stud) based in London we are very pleased with our new foundation stock of black otters and she has been doing very well on the show table, She has won best Junior on 3 seperate occasions and at the 4* show in October she won the black otter class, won  a junior diploma and out of 70 netherland dwarf exhibits she came second.  For 2010 she hopes to breed a nice black otter buck to show herself.

She also has a chocolate otter dwarf and a Blue eyed white dwarf, they are seperate projects to the black otters.

Below is Spice our Cinnamon Doe she will be used to produce cinnamons carrying choc otter to ultimately produce chocolate otters in 2010


Here is Spice having a cuddle with Siobhan,  In our Dwarfs good temperament comes first.


Below is Bramble another of our Black Otter does



Below is Stitch our first Black Otter from Anne Jones


Below is Mickey another of our show bucks.


Mickey again


Otis a young show buck just over a year old


Another picture of Otis


Meet Alvin our Chocolate Otter Buck again from Anne Jones



This is Yoda he is Siobhans BEW show buck and he is gorgeous.



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