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Our Other Pets

RIP Murphy
We lost our lovely boy Murphy in August 2010 very suddenly to Cardio Myopathy, he was 7 years old unfortunately with giant breed dogs they do not have such a long lifespan as smaller breeds. We miss him so much, he was a wonderful big boy he had a lovely soft and gentle nature and has left a big gap in our lives and our house.  The picture below was taken in June this year.



This is Murphy our Great Dane who is 2 and 1/2 years old his hobbys include lazing around our couches to ensure no one else gets a seat! and annoying our other dog Humphrey the Pug.


Looking very Regal and enjoying a summer holiday at the beach


Here are a couple of pictures of Claude our French Lop, he is absolutely fab our children love to play with him. The larger breeds of rabbits are becoming more popular with people keeping them as house rabbits.  Claude does come into the house most days - but gets free run of the garden too.  Claude has now gone to live at Mabie Farm Park near Dumfries, where he will be with lots of other French Lops and will also get a couple of girlfriends.  It will be great for him as he did not really like being in a hutch and was quite an escape artist!


Humphrey just trying out a chair more his size!



This is Humphrey who is our 4 year old Pug and definitly the boss, who gives Murphey a run for his money.

Here is Nibbles my childrens pet Hamster

Bob passed away while we were on holiday in 2007 he was 5 which is a good age for a satin guinea pig.
Here are our 2 Guinea Pigs Bob who is a golden satin and Benny his wee friend he is a Teddy.