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Our Show Results 2010


Linlithgow Show picture taken by Christine Cleghorn

Balfron Show 2* Show 3/4/10
Splash - 1st in Class and CC and Best of Breed
Yoda - 1st in class and CC
Scottish Lop CIrcle at Balfron 3/4/10
Splash - 1st in class and CC
Freddie - 3rd in class
Digby - 3rd in class
Scottish Netherland Dwarf show at Balfron 3/4/10
Yoda - 1st in class CC and Best Junior in Show
Mickey - 2nd in class
another good day out with our bunnies!

Carlisle 2* Show 21/3/10
Digby - 2nd in Class
Nethrland Dwarfs
Stitch - 1st in Class
Otis - 2nd in Class
Mickey - 3rd in Class
Northern Lop Club 2* Show 21/3/10
Freddie - 2nd in Class and 3rd in Mini Lop Challenge adult class
National Mini Lop 3 * Show 21/3/10
Splash - 2nd in REW Class
Digby - 2nd in U/5 Black Otter Class

Dunfermline 2* Show 13/2/10
Mini Lop results;
Splash - 1st in Class with CC, Best of Breed and runner up in Lop Challenge
Freddie - 1st in Class with CC
Digby - 1st in class with CC
Netherland Dwarf Results;
Otis - 1st in class with CC and runner up  junior fancy challenge
Mickey - 3rd in class
Lothian 2* Show 13/3/10
Mini Lop Results;
Splash - 1st in Class with CC and Best of Breed, runner up in Lop Challenge
Digby - 1st in Class
Freddie - 3rd in Class
Netherland Dwarf results ;
Mickey - 1st in Class with CC, Best of Breed, Best Netherland Dwarf in Show, also Best Fancy Rabbit in Show and Best Junior in Show.
Stitch - 2nd in Class, also runner up in junior fancy challenge.
Scottish Netherland Dwarf Club 13/3/10;
Stitch - Best Junior in Show
Stitch - 2nd in Class, 3rd in challenge.

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