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Show Results 2008
Balfron Show;
Splash our REW buck took
a first in the U/5 month REW Class
and also gained a challenge certificate
He also took 2nd in the U/5 month category for the whole show
So we were very proud of him indeed.
My Daughters pet Dolly
took 2nd place in the pet show, so she was delighted too.


Splash our REW buck took a second in the REW Adult Class

Chester our Sooty buck also took a second in the Sooty Fawn Adult Class.

Winston my daughters Black Otter Netherland Dwarf took a second in the pet show.

So another lovely day out for us and bunnies, well done to all our boys.

pics to follow

LANARK 4* SHOW (28 June )
Splash got a first place in the Scottish Lop Circle for Best Adult REW
Splash also got a third place in the main show at Lanark.
Splash got a first place for best REW adult mini lop
Winston my daughters Netherland Dwarf got a first place and a challenge certificate.  He also got a second place in the Junior Challenge and a thrid place in the Junior Grand Challenge, so a great day out!


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